Strength for the Journey DR did not always have a focus on self- sufficiency and education. Our humble beginnings involved work with the most desperate populations. But as we worked, we learned, we grew, and transformed. Read our story and grow with us.

Long time, hands-on philanthropist, aid worker and teacher, Lindsey Kaufman, living in the Dominican Republic at the time, had the idea to take on an effort to rebuild Pedro’s home in Haiti, which was destroyed in the earthquake. She donated her earnings and 15 others she knew contributed as well. The project took 6 months while Pedro’s family lived in a tent city.

After successfully completing Pedro’s house and with some funds left over, the group decided to continue to do their part to help humanity on a small scale “one person at a time” basis, and these 16 founding members started Strength For The Journey DR. Their focus shifted to the Dominican Republic and projects were chosen collaboratively to provide emergency needs to those in extreme poverty while looking for opportunities to provide individuals a path to self-sufficiency.

STFJ DR continued to help individuals with medical needs, food packets, and housing assistance, improving and saving many lives along the way. Since the focus was always to help without creating dependency, other projects included enabling individuals to start their own businesses and providing education, however possible, even in the cane fields.

From a grass roots beginning of emergency assistance to families in crises (2010), to providing necessary supplies and uniforms enabling 70 children to attend school (2013), to launching the “iPads Under Trees” educational project in the cane fields (2013), to help building a Community Learning Center (2014) in Sosua to the second center in Jamao (2016), Strength for the Journey DR is now delivering assistance to provide a year-round menu of educational and social programs to the impoverished children in Sosua, Dominican Republic, creating opportunities for them to change the course of their lives, their families and generations to come.