What We Do

Currently, Strength for the Journey DR contributes to classes held during after-school hours, Saturdays, or mornings in summer months. All classes, materials, instruments, and uniforms are provided for participants. Learning center teachers are a mix of paid locals, and volunteers. One hundred-thirty children attend from the local pueblo of Jamao. Strength for the Journey also travels to small isolated schools throughout the mountain area to provide English classes, enrichment and reading reinforcement to another 130 students in seven one room schoolhouses.


Strength for the Journey works directly with school directors and teachers to provide reinforcement of lessons taught in class. Rather than repeating a lesson, we find games and hands-on activities that help to reteach and reinforce concepts. Through these other learning modes, children can practice skills while having fun.


Strength for the Journey, DR creates equal opportunities for poor children living in remote areas by offering classes and experiences typically enjoyed by children whose parents can afford after school enrichment. The following is a list of typical class offerings:

  • Technology
  • English
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Art
  • Values Education
  • Chorus
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Acting
  • Karate
  • Environmental
  • Awareness and Recycling
  • Recreation


The 2018 results from the international PISA test, given in 79 countries to test reading levels in reading, math, and science ranked the Dominican Republic at the bottom. Responding to high levels of illiteracy, Strength for the Journey, DR began a reading tutoring program in 8 campo schools. Working twice a week individually with every child in first through third grade, we hope to improve these results in the district of Jamao.


Strength for the Journey DR provides funds to support a complete children/adolescent library with books in English and Spanish. Books are used for reading and writing activities in our learning center and campo schools and then loaned to the schools where children can read and enjoy them on their own time.

Summer Camps

Children are invited to attend summer day camps based on themes such as technology, activity challenges, art, etc. Movie nights and pizza parties are held to reward students for accomplishments achieved throughout the class session

Donation Center

Strength for the Journey has a newly opened donation center located in our Jamao learning center. The donation center operates like a store, with clothes, shoes, towels, sheets, baby items and children toys, however items are not priced or sold. Instead, community members may select what they need and make a donation of what they can afford. Or, in lieu of a cash donation, community members may trade an item no longer needed for an item in the center. In emergency situations, the person may be given items with no need to donate in return.

The Center of Sharing is stocked with donations from individuals in Canada, the United States, and locally in the Dominican Republic. Strength for the Journey would like to especially thank Canadian Robyn Bloom Mercado for making the donation center a reality. She collects and donates to Strength for the Journey several barrels of items every year. Because of Robyn’s generosity, Strength for the Journey has been able to help impoverished individuals and communities in crisis.

The Center of Sharing was created in memory of the Strength for the Journey, DR treasurer and dedicated long-time advisor Chris Galvin who first conceived the idea of a business where customers can “pay it forward” to help those who cannot afford the services or items sold.

Children and Families Served

Jamao al Norte is composed of the pueblo of Jamao and surrounding villages of the mountainside. Although the last census occurred in 2002, it is estimated that about 10,000 people reside in Jamao al Norte. The Strength for the Journey learning center is located in the center of the pueblo of Jamao in a space donated by the Catholic Church, Asunción de Maria.

The Center for Sharing is in the same building. This location enables us to both educate children and adults in the pueblo while also helping with social needs resulting from poverty.

Outside Jamao, our work in the 8 campo schools allows us to education and broaden horizons for children living in isolated areas of poverty. To reach these areas, we must travel in a 4 wheel drive vehicle over steep, rocky, unpaved roads, drive through rivers, and struggle to pass cows, mules, and horses who also travel these same paths.


SFTJ is 501 c3 tax exempt in the US: EIN 81-2877406

Dominican Address

Parroquia Asunción de María Avenida Melia Jamao al Norte, Espaillat

1(849) 915-1581

US Mailing Address

P.O. Box 51, Port Clinton, Oh 43453