Opportunities to Help

Strength for the Journey began as a small group of women committed to improving lives of children and families in the Dominican Republic in order to help them emerge from poverty. Over the years, as the passion of the first members caught on, the group grew. Their support took on various forms, from writing thank you notes to donors, to collecting used ballet clothes for a class, to bringing a suitcase full of school supplies for a campo school. While each person helped differently, they all shared a common belief in Creating Capabilities for all children- especially those living in less fortunate circumstances- to emerge from poverty. And we at Strength for the Journey believe the key to doing so is through education. If you would like to also be Strength for the Journey by donating, click here.

If you would like to help in another way while in your home country or here in the Dominican Republic, please contact us and share your ideas.

Strength for the Journey is committed to dedicating 100% of donations towards our programs. Our director/president works full-time in the Dominican Republic as a volunteer. Thus, you can be assured that your contribution goes directly to education and the greatest needs of the children and families we serve.


Over the years, several of our Strength for the Journey members took on special projects to meet the needs of our children. The following are a few examples:

  • Graduating students at Port Clinton High School donated their used school laptops for Strength for the Journey technology classes.

  • Louise Terry held a party to have attendees purchase backpacks for SFTJ students to start school.

  • Robyn Bloom Mercado sends barrels of used clothing and other items several times a year.  Using her donations, we opened our Center for Sharing where people can come and trade unneeded items for something in the Center.

  • Linda Rankin’s family adopted a campo school.  They donate needed school supplies and visit the school when in the Dominican Republic.

  • Instead of presents on his birthday, Joey Newton-Smith asked everyone who attended his party to bring baseball equipment to donate to the children in Jamao.

Be a Strength for the Journey Fundraiser

Children living in poverty in remote mountain locations suffer from lack of experiences and simple opportunities that children living in populated areas enjoy. They often are unfamiliar with the simple things that we take for granted, such as pizza, colored markers, battery operated pencil sharpeners, projectors, etc. These limited experiences, combined with low parental literacy and inferior education create dire needs. You can help us meet those needs by being a Strength for the Journey fundraiser. Several of our members have hosted birthday fundraisers for us. Others, organized fund raising events, such as a street fair. Any occasion that is a celebration for you can also be a celebration for Strength for the Journey children, families, and schools.

If you wish to be strength for the journey, email us with your idea. We will help you make the idea a reality. Click here to share your idea with us.

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is the charity division of Amazon. All items available for sale on Amazon are also available on Amazon Smile. When you shop Amazon Smile and indicate Strength for the Journey Dr, Inc as your charity, Amazon will donate .5% of your purchases directly to us! It costs you nothing additional and it benefits Strength for the Journey.

To get started, click here and Amazon will explain the program and walk you through the process.

SFTJ is 501 c3 tax exempt in the US: EIN 81-2877406

Dominican Address

Parroquia Asunción de María Avenida Melia Jamao al Norte, Espaillat

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