Our Team

The success of Strength for the Journey DR is due, in part, to the broad base of varied support. Five hundred, twenty-two members of our FaceBook group provide opinions and give feedback regarding activities and decisions. Additionally, these group members are loyal givers, sending regular financial contributions and donations of classroom supplies. Although Strength for the Journey is not a religious-based organization, partnerships with churches also help us to achieve our mission.

Immaculate Conception Church, in Port Clinton, Ohio partners with Strength for the Journey DR to provide activities to develop cross cultural communication and understandings between Dominican and American Children. Additionally, they support a project to provide school supplies to children who otherwise would not be able to attend school.

Resurrection Lutheran Church in Port Clinton, Ohio supports Strength for the Journey DR by donating funding and needed supplies.

The Diocese of Puerto Plata, including Bishop Corniel and Padres Faustian and Benito of the Parroquia Asunción De Maria have generously donated unrestricted use of classroom space in the church for use as the Strength for the Journey learning center.

The Port Clinton, Ohio Rotary Club contributed funds for provide electricity and a back-up system of power for the Jamao al Norte site.

A community of supporters on the North coast of the Dominican Republic in Sosua contribute volunteer hours and host fund raising events including a street festival and auction party. Finally, our teachers, both volunteer and paid, provide fun, yet challenging classes that keep the kids coming, learning, and growing.

Advisory Committee

The US advisory committee is composed of a group of womanwho have been with Strength for the Journey DR since its humble beginnings. Before a legal Board was in place, these woman made all the decisions regarding projects and activities. Theyspread the word about Strength for the Journey DR, and due to them, we expanded, grew, and became what we are today.


  • Lindsey Kaufman
  • Chris Galvin - Director, United Way
  • Cheryl Kocher - Dental Hygienist, retired
  • Marie Janes - Adjunct Professor, University of Toledo
  • Cathy Greene - Dental Hygienist, retired
  • Ellen Coppeler - Graduate Bowling Green School of Journalism
  • Tina Hablitzel - Retired Dental Hygienist
  • Carol Streeter-Fox - Group Leader, Hearts Afire Consecration to Mary project

Strength for the Journey DR would be remiss not to mention Julie Quayle, a founding member of the Advisory Committee who has since passed away, but remains as a guiding force in decision making and an angel on our shoulders. Additionally, prior to being a legal 501c3, Julie’s late husband, Bill Quayle generously worked as our bookkeeper, depositing and recording all donations.

In the Dominican Republic, an active advisory committee provides insight into local needs and helps facilitate programs and activities. Because of this local group, Strength for the Journey DR is able to make its greatest impact on the local environment

  • Manuel Antonio Contrera Reyes - Director, Escuela Salomé Ureña de Henriquez
  • Elvira Peña Collado - Sub-Director, Escuela Salomé Ureña de Henriquez
  • Carmen Petra de la Santo Dominguez- Director of Pedagogy, Escuela Salomé Ureña de Henriquez
  • Olfalida Almonte Santo - Legislator
  • Sergio Peña Bonilla - Priest, Parroquia Assunción de María
  • Nerida del carmen Almonte - Teacher, Liceo José Miguel Remigio Vazque
  • Juan Nelson Peralta Carela - Teacher, Strength for the Journey Learning Center
  • Carlos Alberto Media Peña - Teacher, Strength for the Journey Learning Center
  • Lindsey Kaufman - President Strength for the Journey DR