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To break down barriers and create capabilities for the impoverished by providing a safe environment to learn, grow, belong, and change their life’s course.

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Your gift will provide educational opportunities and create capabilities for the children of the Dominican Republic

We Believe In


Education is the only true path our of poverty

Problem solving & life skills

Problem solving abilities and life skills are critical to future success

Help without dependence

Providing help without developing dependence builds strength


Children, ultimately must take responsibility for their own learning, growth, life goals and path to success


How Do We Accomplish This?

Strength for the Journey DR provides assistance to learning centers that offer after school and Saturday enrichment classes for children ages 7 - 12. Children take responsibility to self-select classes and create their own schedules. When children do not have classes, they are welcome to come, belong, and play with a variety of educational toys always available.


Strength for the Journey DR did not always have a focus on self-sufficiency and education. Our humble beginnings involved work with the most desperate populations. But as we worked, we learned, we grew, and transformed.

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